Introduction to Squash

Sat, 4th Dec 10:30 am - Sun, 5th Dec 11:30 am


Per Person
Type: knockout
Fee: INR 200




SWYNG Badminton & Squash, Marathahalli - Sarjapur Road, Kaikondrahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


Squash is one of the best sports for developing both cardio and muscular strength. During a typical 45-minute session, players can expect to burn up to 1,000 calories, exercise all the muscles of the body from the arms (ball striking) to the legs (lunging) and the core (stabilising) whilst playing a competitive, endorphin-bosting game.

Combined with the physical demands, squash requires fine skills (ball placement and shot deception) tactical skills (ball positioning and building of rallies) and serves as a supermen test of physical and mental reactions, with the ball frequently reaching speeds upwards of 170mph whilst players jostle and manoeuvre for supremacy of the court.

The best way to get yourself acquainted with the sport is to get yourself on the court and try striking the ball. Come over to SWYNG Squash on Sarjapur Road on any Sat-Sun at 04-05 PM for an introductory session. The sessions are costs only Rs. 200 and the necessary gear(racquets+ shoes) will be provided.

Please reach out at 8444 944 441 /9108 475 471 or write to hello@swyng.in for any queries or further information.