Sun, 26th Jan 03:30 am - Sun, 26th Jan 01:00 pm


Men's singles open
Type: knockout
Fee: INR 600
Men's singles 40+
Type: knockout
Fee: INR 600
Womens singles
Type: knockout
Fee: INR 600


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Premier Badminton Club, Beypore Cheruvannur Road, Beypore, Kerala, India


1. The Tournament shall be conducted in a knockout format.

2. Each Match up to the Semi final shall be decided in a single Set. The first team/Individual who shall

reach certain (which shall be later decided by the committee after getting all entries) points shall win

the match. The Teams/Players shall change court once one team/Player gets half of the required

points. From Semi Final onwards it shall be a best of 3 Set Contest

3. The Shuttlecocks used for the tournament shall be YONEX Mavis 350

4. Players shall bring their own Bat, Uniform & shoes. Badminton non marking shoes are allowed.

No player shall be allowed to play with any other shoes.

5. Players registered in the Above 40 age category shall be allowed to register in the Open Category


6. The Under 18 and Under 14 players are directed to produce credentials to prove their date of birth to

categorise them under the age groups of 18 (Born on or after 01-01-2002), and 14 (Born on

or after 01-01-2006), respectively, age being calculated as on 01.01.2020.

7. Players participating in the Above-40 category should also produce any proofs if asked to

prove their DOB.(Born on or before 01-01-1980)

8. Maximum of 32 Teams/Individuals per Category shall be allowed to participate in HBL. The

Teams/Individual registrations shall be allowed on a first come first basis. In case of Disputes

chronology of fee deposit into the account shall be considered as priority.

9. The Draw of fixture shall be done after the registration dates are over. If the teams/Individual

Registration in any of the veteran category is less than 4, the same shall be merged with the open


10. Members of Teams who shall participate in the IHMA-HBL must be IHMA Members who have got

permanent Medical Council registration Number. If any Team member found to be not an IHMA

Member, the team shall be not allowed to participate anymore in the Competition.

11. Categories X,XI,XII & XIII shall be conducted exclusively for children & grandchildren of IHMA


12. In mixed Team an IHMA Member can form a team with his/her spouse (even if he/she is not a


13. Registration shall be done through the Concerned District Secretary. This is necessary for deciding the

Overall Championship..

14. It would be advisable that each District Teams should have their team Uniform, with preferably

Names on their back.

15. Registration fees shall be as below

I. For Singles Rs. 600

II. For Doubles & Mixed Doubles Rs. 850

No registration shall be accepted after 30-12-2020.

Payment shall be done online via Account transfer .No cash mode of payment shall be allowed as the

account deposit chronology is important.

Account details are given below.

A/C Name IHMA Kozhikode District Chapter

Bank KDC Bank

Branch Ladies Branch, Calicut

A/C No 100031201000033

IFSC Code KDCB0000003

To confirm Registration players shall contact their concerned District Secretary after paying their

entry fees online. For Non-Keralites after registration, players should give their names to their

concerned State Secretary. District Secretaries shall give the names of their teams on the last date of


For enquiries on registration please contact

I. Dr. Arjun 8075169269

II. Dr. Thanseem 9895079974

16. The teams are requested to report to Dr. M.E. Prasanth Kumar & Dr. Suneesh Balachandran

Convenors, Organising, Committee at Premier Badminton Club, Kozhikode on 26-01-2019 at


17. There shall be food coupons given for each registered player. The organisers shall give free food

coupons maximum for 3 Officials/District. Food Coupons can be bought for Accompanying persons

for Rs.250/person. Those who wish to avail this facilities have to inform the Organizing committee

by 20-01-2020

18. The first set of Matches shall start at 9 am. The organizers shall inform each team their first match

play time in advance. If the team/individual fails to report in time, that team/indivual shall loose that


19. For the calculation of Overall Championship points for each category shall be added under the

following rules.

a. For Singles matches

Winner (5 points), Runner up (3 point) and Semi final losers (1point)

b. For Doubles & Mixed Doubles

Winner (10 points), Runner up (5 point) and Semi final losers (3 point)

As the Non-Keralites are not representing any District, the points won by them, if any shall not be

considered for any Overall Championship calculation

20. In case of any protests, district