1st Anniversary Sydney Sports Club Open

Fri, 14th Apr 10:30 pm - Sat, 15th Apr 09:00 am


Open & Advanced Men
Type: round robin knockout
Fee: AUD 40
Intermediate Men
Type: round robin knockout
Fee: AUD 40
Women open
Type: round robin knockout
Fee: AUD 40
Mixed OPEN
Type: round robin knockout
Fee: AUD 40

Starts in





Sydney Sports club (Badminton and Table Tennis), Garling Road, Kings Park NSW, Australia


Conditions of Entry

All players submitting entries for the tournament will be deemed to have read and accepted the conditions, rules & regulations under which the tournament events are to be conducted.

The Tournament Organiser will NOT be responsible for any injury sustained, at any time, by any player or official arising from their participation in this Tournament. Players agree to indemnify the Tournament Organiser, its officers and agents against all claims, demands, actions and liabilities of any kind (other than due to wilful negligence) arising in the course of participating in the Tournament. Any costs incurred for medical treatment and/or hospitalisation shall be borne by the player or Member Association of the player/official concerned.

Entries: Entries are lodged by players in Tournament Software online. Each player in a doubles pair must lodge a separate online entry. Entries may be closed early if maximum no. of entries have been received in an event. The Tournament Organiser has the rights to regrade a player or reject an entry. Therefore players are reminded to submit your entries and payment as early as possible. 

All entries must be paid before closing date, otherwise the entries will NOT be included in the draw.

Other conditions:

1. Players will umpire or line-judge some matches as required by the Tournament officials.

2. Appropriate badminton attire must be worn when on court. Non-marking shoes must be worn at all times in the hall. If anyone is found with shoes that mark, they will risk disqualification.

3. No refund of entry fee is available except for allowed withdrawals or events cancelled by the Tournament Organiser.

4. The Tournament Organiser/Referee reserves the right to vary any conditions or regulations due to unforeseeable circumstances.

5. In case of any dispute, the decision of the Tournament Organiser is final.

By entering this event, the player hereby agrees that other players, coaches, spectators, the organiser, and any other person, shall have the right to take photographs and/or record on video any games or practice conducted during the course of the event, to retain such photographs or video recordings for their own use of whatsoever nature, distribute such photographs or video recordings to any other party, display such photographs or video recordings during the event or any time thereafter, in any form whatsoever including but not limited to promotional displays of the organiser and at any similar event, social network internet sites, the website(s) of the organiser of the event PROVIDED THAT no such photographs or video recordings shall be used or retained for any illegal, immoral or unseemly use or purpose.

Rules & Regulations

1. Regulations: The tournament will be conducted in accordance with the Laws of Badminton adopted by the Badminton World Federation (BWF), subject to modifications by the Tournament Organiser/Referee.

2. Grading: 

A) Advanced player playing in Intermediate category is not permitted leading to disqualification. 

B) Intermediate player partnering with an Advanced player will have to play in Advanced category

C) Only one entry per category is permitted ( Playing Intermediate and Advanced in same category is not permitted)

3. Draws: The draws will be conducted by the Tournament Organiser on 12th April 2023.

4. Withdrawals or Entry Change: Entries may be withdrawn or changed before the entry close date. Withdrawal is subject to an administrative charge of $10 if it is lodged after the close date, then the balance of entry fee will be refunded. No refund of entry fee will be made for withdrawals more than 5 days from the entry close date. 

Notification of withdrawal(s) with injury reason must be given to Sydney Sports Club by email and must be supported by a medical certificate. The organiser may require documentary evidence to support withdrawals for any other reason.

If withdrawal arises after players have arrived at the venue, notification of withdrawal accompanied by supporting documentation must be made IN PERSON to the Referee or Deputy Referee.

5. The tentative start times are indicated on general information. Please check the Tournament Software for scheduled start times of each event one day prior to the tournament days. Players are required to register at the venue half an hour before the start time of each event. Any alterations made to the competition schedule will be announced by the Referee. The Referee may disqualify any player not available to play at the scheduled time or when the match is officially called on.

6. Scoring System: The scoring system will be used in accordance with BWF regulations except