Badminton Tournament 2020

Thu, 1st Apr 10:30 pm - Thu, 1st Apr 10:30 pm


Men's Singles
Type: knockout
Women's Singles
Type: knockout
Men's Doubles
Type: knockout
Women's Doubles
Type: knockout
Mixed Doubles
Type: knockout


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Epic Sports, Bertrand Avenue, Scarborough, ON, Canada


Kick away the chilly winter and get ready to come out fo the cozy shells. TCS Canada presents, TCS Canada Badminton Tournament-2020, A unique opportunity to get out of our routine 9-5 days and show off our smashes, placements. So why wait, wear up the sports gear and get ready!!!

Tournament Rules will be sent to each registered participants very soon.

Match Category:

Men's Singles: 158 Participants Registered

Women's Singles: 13 Participants Registered

Men's Doubles: 86 Teams Registered

Women's Doubles: 7 Teams Registered

Mixed Doubles: 26 Teams Registered

Prize Details: Trophies for Winners and Runners up in each Match Categories to all the Participants. Medals for Volunteers.

Refreshments and Lunch will be provided.

YouTube Channel:

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