Play Badminton Academy presents 2nd Year Men & Women Pure-non Medalist Badminton Tournament

Sat, 9th Nov 02:30 pm - Sun, 10th Nov 12:00 pm


Men's Doubles
Type: knockout
Fee: INR 600
Women's Singles
Type: knockout
Fee: INR 400
Women's Doubles
Type: knockout
Fee: INR 600




PLAY BADMINTON ACADEMY, Nadupalayam, Erode, Tamil Nadu, India


Lunch will be provided

30 Points rally system will be followed.

Organizing Committe decision will be Final

Invitation all district

Men Tournament one pool will be given for veteran players

Consquent men tournament winners & Runners are not allowed

Men & Women tournament mavis 350 synthetic shuttle will be used.

Women tournaments - Pool A (10 to 13 years) Pool B (15 to 17 years) Pool C(19-24 years) Pool D (Above 25 years)

Women Tournament Minimum - 20 entries will be Conducted the tournament.

Men Doubles 9th Novemeber 2019- 8pm

Women Doubles 10th Novemeber 2019 - 9AM

Participation certificate and medal will be provided for women tournament.