Wed, 2nd Dec 06:00 am - Wed, 2nd Dec 06:00 am


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Active Arena, Munnireddy Layout, Panathur, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


The last 6 months have been really hard on all of us. But we have stayed strong & are now ready to head back to a normal lifestyle.

It's time to #UnlockYourGame

Bringing you Bangalore's Most Competitive Box Cricket League!!!


Cash prize - 1Lakh & tons of giveaways!!



Open Only to Men - Age (18y to 60y)

Entry Fee: Rs. 7999/- per team

Re-entry to League Rs. 6999/- per team 

Re-entry to Knock-out Rs. 6999/- (subject to availability)

Direct entry to Knock-out Rs.9999/- (subject to availability)

Each team can register up to 7 players, 6 to play with 1 super sub

Dates & Venues:

League 1 - 21st & 22nd November - PLaY Arena, Hoodi

League 2 - 12th & 13th December - Active Arena, Marathalli

League 3 - 5th & 6th December - Offside Trap, Hennur

League 4 - 19th & 20th December - Turf Park, Koramangla

Knock-outs - 26th December - Turf Park, Koramangla


2pm - 10pm (Floodlit)


The Freedom Cup Cricket 6’s will be played at 4 different Locations

The tournament will be played on a League cum Knock-out format

There will be a League (Day & Night) played at each of the 4 venues followed by the Knockouts that will be played at Turf Park Koramangla (Day & Night)

Each league will have 4 groups with 4 teams in each group. Total 16 teams

One team from each group in each league will make it to the Knock-outs. Total 4 teams will quality to the Knock-outs

Teams in each group will compete against each other once in league round

Each winning team will get 2 points for a win. 0 points for a loss

If one team forfeits a match the other team will get 2 points. Any team forfeiting a match will be eliminated from the tournament

Net run rate will be considered in case of a tie between teams in league table

General Rules:

All matches will be played with Vicky Yellow tennis ball

Match will be played with 6 players a side decided & named before the toss

All players playing the game must be from the roster of 7 provided at the time of registration

Teams should report 30 mins before the start of their match

Each team will bowl 6 overs & bat 6 overs

Bowlers break up: 2+2+1+1

Batting team can only change players between overs

One Super Substitute will be allowed per team

Super Substitute can be brought in at any time during the match

SportsMasters will provide umpires for all matches

Umpires decision will be final

In case of a tie each team will bowl & bat a super over to decide a winner

Incase of a tie in the super over a bowl out will be played

One player from the bowling team must keep the wicket while bowling

No underarm bowling or throws allowed, bowler will have to properly bowl the ball

Teams cannot forfeit a match in the league. If they forfeit any match, they will be eliminated from the tournament

Scoring/Out Rules:

Team can run as many runs as possible when the ball is hit with bat & is within the box

Byes & overthrows are allowed if the ball does not travel outside the box

No Leg Byes. No LBW's

Ball hit outside the box will be considered out

One run is declared if the ball goes outside of the box after bouncing inside in addition to the runs scored by running

If the ball hits a fielder before going over the box it will be considered 1 run

Catch, stumping, run out, hit wicket & bowled will all be considered out

Four runs will be awarded if the player hits a ball on the bounce on the nets behind the bowler in the box

Six runs will be awarded if the ball is hit directly on the nets behind the bowler in the box

Any ball that pass outside leg stump will be considered wide unless it touches any part of the body of the batsman. All standard Wide & No ball rules will apply

Any ball that goes over the head of the batsmen will be considered wide & will be awarded one run to the batting team

Only one bouncer per over will be allowed. After which umpire will declare a no-ball for ball that goes over the shoulder of the batsman

All other Standard T20 rules apply